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Hiking is for everyone

The great thing about hiking is that it’s accessible. Hiking can be done anywhere in the world and the requirements are quite low. It’s easy and it’s fun.


I am so happy you found your way to this blog/epic journey. I’m Andreas, the creator of The Life Venue, a blog and hopefully your hiking inspiration source. 

My main goal for this site is to create usefull guides and tips, as well as I try to encourage you all to experience more of the great aspects of being outdoors. 

You will see some of my photography as well, and I am constantly trying to improve my work when it comes to blogging and photography.

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You Will Experience Tranquility When Hiking

You get up, eat breakfast, get out the door. You might drive your kids to school and you go to work afterwards. You get home, make dinner, put your kids to sleep, watch TV and then you will go to sleep. This is not equal to the word “tranquility”, but while hiking you WILL experience

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Starting a YouTube Channel about Hiking

Welcome One of the scariest things I’ve done in 2020 is to start a blog. To let my creativity run free, with a goal of sharing knowledge has been a goal for the last three months. I’ve written several blog posts about why hiking is such a great activity, but now I’m starting a Youtube

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The Beginning of a Journey

All stories start somewhere I created my website in august 2020. Since January (2020) I’ve been trying to figure out what kind of business I wanted to create. Little did I know that it was not a business I wanted to create but a new life. The beginning of this journey start with the harsh

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Never Underestimate Planning when Hiking

The Road Forward After my last hike I was really looking forward to head out again to find new places to visit and look for great areas to do some photography. I recently got my first full frame camera, the Sony A7 II. It’s been the camera of my dreams for quite some time  and

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